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It is an abbreviation for 2 meanings:
1. I Keep It Real Nigga! (only used by the blacks)
2.I Keep It Real Now! (used by the whiggers)
1. He's been screwin' wit my ho? I don't stand for that! IKIRN!
2.A group of black guys walk down the street. A whigger yell out "IKIRN." The black guys cap the mother fucker.
by IKIRN May 12, 2004
A black person that acts white, like a cracker.
(v. adds "-d") A black person that used to act black but hangs out with white people and now acts like them.
"Man, those Cosby kids were real saltines!"
"He was hangin' with them white dudes and he got saltined!"
by IKIRN May 03, 2004
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