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Another term used to describe the "ass hole".

1. I smashed her in da batty hole cause she was on da rag!
by IJ March 31, 2006
Quite simply another "slang" term derived from bitch.

Does not have the same meaning as "bitch" (female dog).

Could also be used as a harsh substitute for "idiot".

(see example)

Is used to refer to someone male or female for various reasons (generally the latter). Usually when they are complaining about something.
Quit that whining biyatch!

by IJ March 31, 2006
idiot, term used amongst afro-carribean's.

A pronounciation of "idiot".
Hush ya mout' eedjat boi before me slap you ragged!
by IJ March 31, 2006
1. Utter nonsense.
2. Bull-shit

When someone is saying a whole lot of nothing. In other words, when someone is talking a whole lot of shit!
1. Quit that yanging man!
2. You talkin' a whole lotta yang! (shit)
by IJ March 31, 2006
You understand

1.Used mainly amongst afro-caribbean's in place of "Do you understand?"
1. I be coming down at 9pm ya unnerstan'?

2. That right dere is da shee ya unnerstan'!

by IJ March 31, 2006
This means something is pure SHIT, the total opposite of goat shit (see dictionary for my great explaination and use it wisely).

You Dumb-ass niggas don't even know what a zebu is!

It's a cross between an ox and ur momma!"
1. eedjat boi #1 "Dat song is whack".
2. eedjat boi #2 "Dat be pure Zebu shit nigga"
by IJ March 31, 2006
When something is exceptionally great.

Note: I give you all permission to use this fabulous phrase that I have been saying for many years! Enjoy the new word you bumbacluts!
That right there be the goat shit!

Also ref. to as goat shee

by IJ March 31, 2006

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