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3 definitions by IIMikII

A homeless person, bum, living on streets, while also really fat.
Fat Hobo: Hey, can you spare some change.
Person: No, look how fat you are. How do you even afford to eat so much. You fat hobo.
by IIMikII January 07, 2011
Someone eating peanut butter and jelly on crackers coughs and get some chewed up PB&J crackers on their shirt or pants.
"Cough" "Cough". Damn, I Amscrat on myself again!.
by IIMikII January 07, 2011
A hungry homeless person that runs up to steal the apple after someone uses an distraction apple.
Distraction Apple Bum: OMFG, he's going to use that distraction apple!

Bum: *Bum runs up and steals apple after it hits the floor, then eats it.*
by IIMikII January 07, 2011