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3 definitions by IIMikII

A homeless person, bum, living on streets, while also really fat.
Fat Hobo: Hey, can you spare some change.
Person: No, look how fat you are. How do you even afford to eat so much. You fat hobo.
by IIMikII January 07, 2011
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Someone eating peanut butter and jelly on crackers coughs and get some chewed up PB&J crackers on their shirt or pants.
"Cough" "Cough". Damn, I Amscrat on myself again!.
by IIMikII January 07, 2011
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A hungry homeless person that runs up to steal the apple after someone uses an distraction apple.
Distraction Apple Bum: OMFG, he's going to use that distraction apple!

Bum: *Bum runs up and steals apple after it hits the floor, then eats it.*
by IIMikII January 07, 2011
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