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To act foolish, to joke around or act in a random nature

shorter versions- jivin & jivin'
"you straight jiving, get over it homie"

"Whats up jive turkey, you straight jiving?"

"I be jiving all day!"
by II Haze May 21, 2009
Form of inner-city dance. Slowed form of dancing.

Stanky Leg and Spongebob fall under it!
Man 1:Hey you a jerk?

Man 2: Yeah, I jerk all day and night

Man 3:Jerk, jerk, jerk!

Man 2: Jerking in the club!

Man 1: Huh?

Man 3: What?

All: Jerk Jerk Jerk!
by II Haze May 05, 2009
Name for mexicans who stand outside uhauls, home depot and construction sites.

Someone who wants money or work; low-level mexican hustler.

(Mexican looking for work; need for work or money)

Origin: Some Black Guy?!??
Mexican Zombies jumped into my car as i drove off from home depot!

Javier, you are a mexican zombie, you can't find work?
by II Haze May 05, 2009
to suck hard, to sip fastly, to drink fast or hard
"That girl wormholed my penis, great night"

"Nigga, hurry up and wormhole that 40"

"Man, why you wormholing my soda!"
by II Haze September 25, 2009
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