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A game that used to be called Team Fortress 2 but has changed due to player's addictions to equitable hats and other cosmetic items for their character. Hat Fortress is centered around trading and wearing hats and misc items. Players buy hats from other players with other hats or "metal" which is the universal currency of Hat Fortress. Actual game play is based on showing off your style of hats and items rather then capturing a control point,or pushing a cart, or stealing a briefcase.
TF2 turned into Hat Fortress, I mean really, its all about fucking hats now.
by IDTia January 14, 2012
Starfox is a video game that was published by Ariolasoft on their Reaktor label in 1987. This game actually has nothing to do with the actual Star Fox series by Nintendo
I played Starfox all night yesterday
by IDTia January 14, 2012
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