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I bet you never heard about them, eh?

That's alright though, because they're the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, or the canadian equivalent of the CIA.

Unlike the CIA, who are known worldwide, CSIS is only known by a handful of people, now including you (You'd better run now!), making them a lot more efficient.
No examples about CSIS are found, mainly because they're sneaky enough.
by ICallBS July 21, 2011
Song, sung by Eric Cartman and Somalian pirates, that goes like this:
Pirate song:

We drink and we pillage and we do what we please.
We get all that we want for free.
We'll kick your ass and rape your lass.
Somalian pirates we!

So with a yo ho ho.
And with a ye he he.
We take to the African sea.
We'll brave the squalls and bust your balls.
Somalian pirates we!

We left our homes and we left our mudders,
To go on a pillagin' spree.
We'll cut off your ears and break your toes
and make you drink our pee.
And if you sail into our waters,
You best hear this decree.
We'll take your boat, set your ass afloat
Somalian pirate we.

And with a yo ho ho.
And a tricky lahty do.
We'll shoot you in the face with glee.
Then we'll cut off your cock and feed it to a croc.
Somalian pirates we.
by ICallBS July 06, 2011
Dis-proven theory, mainly because of human stupidity, and ability to reject and deny facts, that contradicts oneself's personnal beliefs, which are based on a book written by people who tried to teach good values, but were misunderstood.
(TheEasyWay, about Evolution)

A dis-proven hypothesis, which still has large support in the "scientific" community. This is purely due to the reason that people simply wants to believe in it, as it entitles them of no moral responsibility whatsoever.

The hypothesis says, that all species evolved over time from a single common ancestor, through gradual beneficial variations, which has accumulated over millions of years.

This hypothesis is invalid due to the following:

The eye, ear and any other irreducibly complex systems could not have evolved by "slight beneficial variations" as each part is completely and utterly worthless if simple one of the pieces are missing.

Many more scientific counter-evidences can be presented, though the above should be enough for any honest supporter of evolution to abandon the hypothesis.

This logical evidence disproving evolution has not posed much of a problem, due to the fact that supporters of the hypothesis have suspended the use of logic and rationality.

The supporters of evolution have, in their desperate search for evidence to back up the hypothesis, uncovered more than 100 million fossils, all showing that species appeared suddenly, out of nowhere and fully formed, not by gradual changes.

The few so called transitional forms that have been uncovered are simply birds with teeth claimed to come from dinosaurs, dogs with wider tails claimed to be whales and humans with slightly smaller skull capacity claimed to be apes.
by ICallBS July 06, 2011

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