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a condition caused by consuming way too much alcohol in a night (i.e. getting a big handle of vodka and chugging half of it) being miguel drunk usually leads to doing terrible thing one would regret if they were sober such as peeing in your friends kitchen sink, humping the dog, flipping everything in the cabinets upside down, sitting in a chair on a balcony yelling at your friends who arent there for knocking over a chair that you knocked over with your leg, and making ridiculous drinks (all of which contain whipped cream and chocolate syrup) and food combinations (such as a waffle with butter, 6 inches of whipped cream, and lots and lots of chocolate syrup).
You were so Miguel drunk last night you called my dog a bear and then pretended to raped it for 20 minutes
by IAmericanJesusI October 09, 2005
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