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261 definitions by IAN

A local hangout to get drinks and chill.The joint to get da booze
PHAT JOE: Man let's bust this joint go on down to the hood pop.
EAZYE-G: Word up PJ my nizzle'
by Ian July 06, 2004
A die-hard ICP fan who only listens to ICP and never stops talking about them.
Mike "I'm totally a juggalo"
You "Fuck off Mike.... you faggalo"
by Ian January 27, 2005
a guy you'd expect to join a fraternity straight out of high school. a guy who looks like he's from "the real world." sweet dudes also think i look like napoleon dynamite. jocks. female version of sweet dude is BRO-MAMA.
the show was lame. there were too many sweet dudes there.
by ian February 17, 2005
I human who acts like a gullible robot.

A Gullibot believes and forwards every urban legend they receive in their email, as if they were a robot programed to recycle and spew idiocy.

Usually they don't bother to use Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy), so a whole world full of idiots and crystal clutchers get your email adress as it gets forwarded from moron to moron.

Gullibots also forward virus hoaxes.

Gullibots also forward "inspirational" chain letters that end with, "forward this to someone you love."
I just emailed everyone on that gullibot's email list that Febreeze doesn't really kill dogs, and they should stop listening to the idiot.
by Ian December 09, 2004
Someone who believes in any of a number of "New Age" superstitious idiocy, such as: Catholic relics, speaking in tongues, dowsing, magnetic hills, UFOs, astrology, psychic power, homeopathy, therapeutic touch, some kinds of alternative medicine, spinal subluxations, channeling, mediums, and most particularly crystal power.
Every time I go to the sci-fi convention, there's always some stupid Crystal Clutcher trying to sell me a psychic reading.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Greates Band Ever. The oldschool misfts are the best band ever. Blending horror and Punk never sounded so good
Michael Graves the new lead singer of the misfits sucks.
by ian March 01, 2005
One who disturbs your shit and annoys you.

See greenblatt
Robert Greenblatt sure is a constipator, because he cancelled Dead Like Me, one of his network's most top rated shows. This has angered the show's fans, who are cancelling their subscriptions in record numbers.
by Ian January 13, 2005