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to make fun of; to diss someone for no particular reason
oh, you got ranked on.
by Ian February 28, 2004
When having sex in the doggy position, withdraw and allow spit to fall across the partners' back. Thinking you have came across their back, they will turn, when you can really release. Ideally, aim for the face.
She wouldn't let me come in her face, so I pulled a decoy on her.
by Ian January 30, 2005
The dangerous state of being so enthralled by a story about a goat that you don't care if your country is under attack by terrorists.
The President was so Goatwhacked that he tripled the amount of time Al Queda had to carry out their attack.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Placing ones testicles over the eye-lids of another.
Ian proceeded to shade the sun from Jason's eyes by giving him the Arabian sand Goggles
by Ian March 11, 2004
A couple that begins their relationship with drunken sex after meeting at a club, then awkwardly attempts to make a go of things in the non-club world.

These couples typically find that they only feel comfortable going on more club dates and simply can't function in other scenarios.

Estimated time to expiration: 1-2 weeks. Very, very uncomfortable weeks.
At a restaurant:

club couple dude: "So...uh...Jennifer, do you play sports and stuff?"

clup couple broad: "My name is Jennette."

The most awkward silence possible ensues.
by Ian March 04, 2006
A variety of bees (Apis mellifera) that produce milk.
One has to approach very cautiously when attempting to extract milk from unfamiliar boobies.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Someone who provides oral stimulation to anothers anus.
Someone who tongues bum.
by Ian April 09, 2003

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