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261 definitions by IAN

excited, psyched, pumped up
in response to something that makes you excited: "I know, i'm so stoked."
by Ian April 04, 2003
Viewing Audience of The Daily Show, according to Bill O'Reily. Studies have shown that contrary to O'Reily's position, viewers of The Daily Show are obscenely better informed and more well educated than viewers of O'Reily's show on Fox News. Rather than being evidence that marijuana is good for you, this is merely evidence that Fox News is for idiot freepers, and that a "fake news" comedy show is more educational than The O'Reily Factor.
Even a bunch of stoned slackers are smarter than the people who watch Fox News, so Bill O'Reily should just shut-up.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Green day front man. Hottest guy ever!!!!! Greatest man in the universe!!!!!!
Hi billie joe lets fuck then play guitar
by Ian March 15, 2003
a word used when describing someone or something of extreme coolness

the origins of this word

first said by the much loved ian on the dcemu forums

it has spread worldwide like wild fire in just over a year
skynet is fonzerific

yo, man, your ride is fonzerific
by ian April 21, 2005
1. party: a party that whoever wants to come is allowed to. an optimistic idea, but not always a smart one.

2. ready hospitality: a situation or occasion when visitors are welcome at any time

3. school visiting day: a day on which an institution such as a school or college is open to the public for visitors to view aspects of its work and activities

4. viewing period before sale: a period of time during which a house or an apartment that is for sale is open to the public for viewing

5. house open to viewing: a house or apartment that is open to be viewed by the public before sale

"dude, mike's having an open house tonight" "oh man, so many people are gonna go"
by ian November 23, 2005
the hardest nigga up at PSU
man, don't mess with figard, he'll fuckin kill you!
by Ian April 01, 2005
Someone who has allowed the metaphysical and most hateful elements of religion to dominate their lives and thoughts, and feel compelled to impose their dogma upon the rest of society. Not all religious people are Godwhacks.
A group of godwhacks from Westboro Baptist Church demonstrated outside the funeral of Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers, because the host of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood never said bad things about homosexuals.
by Ian December 07, 2004