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261 definitions by IAN

Being fairly buzzed, but not quite drunk.
I was only half cut so I was able to get away from the cops. I can't feel my penis.
by Ian January 20, 2004
252 49
A warcry to some, a noble greeting for others, and furthermore a symbol of companionship. The Buckhaw is the ultimate word in language. It takes several forms, most notably the "violent buckhaw", the "noble buckhaw", the "whiny buckhaw" and the "standard buckhaw".
*Seconds before two friends begin to talk to each other, one extends a "whiny buckhaw". The friend, upon receiving this common greeting, responds with a moderately violent buckhaw*
Friend 1: Mmmmm Buckhaw!
Friend 2: BUCKHAW! Sup?
by Ian October 31, 2004
244 52
champion, appeared in movies such as rush hour 1 and 2.. the dance he does in rush hour 1 after he shoots the boot full of explosives is pure genius!
yo, im gonna need one of those ear peice things immediatly
by ian March 31, 2005
202 31
Also wet back. A slang term for those of Mexican heritage, especially illegal aliens. This slur stems from the fact that illegal Mexicans usually swim rivers to cross into other countries, hence the term wet back.
Those wetbacks are mowing my lawn.
by ian December 21, 2003
3546 3376
Absolutely adorable breasts molded into perfect round balls when a girl puts on a really soft and fuzzy and touchable sweater.
Sweater kittens, sweater kittens, I love sweater kittens. OOOOOOOOhhhhh.
by ian January 21, 2004
202 36
An evil entity that wants to destroy America and hates us for our freedom.
The Coultergeist wants to destroy Democracy and turn America in to a Corporate Theocracy.
by Ian December 07, 2004
250 95
Basically, hardcore/metalcore music with synths/keyboards, typically lighthearted.
Horse The Band = teh sex0rz
by Ian March 07, 2005
169 29