2 definitions by I11egal Ninja

An Urban-Troll is a person who looks up words on Urban Dictionary or makes words.
Bill: I got bored of being home all by myself, so I just went on Urban dictionary to look up words to say to my boss. David:So, your an Urban-Troll? Bill: A what? David: Oh it's just a word on Urban Dictionary. Bill: O.K.
by I11egal Ninja April 13, 2010
A person who says their diet starts tomorrow so they can eat whatever they want and not feel bad. Or a person who procrastinates their diet.
Mike:I made this awesome cake! Too bad you can't have any because you said you started your diet yesterday. Kelly:It's alright, I'm starting my diet tomorrow. So give me all the cake! Mike:Your such a Dietcastinater
by I11egal Ninja October 12, 2010

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