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Noun; see fun assasin

1) Person or group of people who make others stop having fun for whatever reason, usually out of jealousy or spite, but sometimes because said fun is against the law.

2) Another name for one's wife, instructor, parent(s), the legitimate authorities.
"We were having fun hurling dog shit over the house into the yard across the street with my home-made trebuchet when the effing FUN POLICE made us stop".
by I.Q. 151 December 05, 2004
1) My wife.
2) Black hole of amusement. (For instance, building a home-made catapult and having fun hurling dog droppings into the yard across the street. This person would instantly make that unfunny and make you stop.)
3) A person so anti-funny that if you mixed humor and this person together, the resulting explosion would rip away Earth's atmosphere and make it an unliveable planet for thousands of years.
"Shit, here she comes. Damn fun assasin. Hide the catapult."
by I.Q. 151 December 05, 2004

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