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1) the space in between your genitals and your anus, the white powder that comes off a nintendo 64 analog stick, the dangly thing at the back of your throat, the hair and gunk that you pull out of your bath plug or 'whatever you want' it to be

2) a totally kewl/awesome/random krew that consist of amy, sarah, hilary, clare and possibly a few others. It is unclear to how this 'krew' fully operates or even the purposes of their existance as their inner circle is yet to be penetrated. professionals are working around the clock on possible methods or techniques of penetration. So far the only known way requires atleast a 22" penis to complete such a collosal feat
1)Dude one: 'wtf is that'
Dude two: 'no idea man, lets just call it, i dunno.. kranga?

2) Ash W: 'have u heard of the Kranga krew?'
Friend (lol): 'omg yes i heard their sole purpose is to be like total sickents and get crunk and stuff'
Ash W: 'Yeah i heard that aswell, i wish i could join'
by I.P Yearly August 26, 2008

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