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the best 80s band ever
sounds simular to the band styx
Reo speedwagon sings "take it on the run" and "keep on loving you"
by I.C. Weiner July 04, 2004
A mythical race of women from a far away planet that enjoy being really homosexual and playing the moog. A moog is an instrument for those of you who are confused. This race of people is not one that anyone would enjoy encountering. Once seen these women will have sex with you till you are no longer living or your penis explodes, whichever comes first.
When i was out on my space cruiser i had the worst time when i ran into the flaming vaginas from the planet moog. Luckily i only was forced to do it three times because my penis exploded.
by I.C. Weiner February 06, 2005
The act of sticking ones penis into anothers asshole. First used by gay country star jeff stryker.
Yo bitch, im going to pop you in the pooper, then rub my bloody dick on your forehead.
by I.C. Weiner February 03, 2005

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