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Carpet Babies are produced when a man without any premaditated thought begins to jerk off while watching BodyShaping on ESPN or some soft core porn on Cinemax at 3 am. Right when reaching the point of climax he realizes he has no towels or kleenexes so he drops his load on the floor.
Hey you dumbass I just stepped on your carpet babies. Don't sweat it I'll make more.
by I.B. Noone March 16, 2004
This is used to describe a homosexuals penis.
Hey Eric Yes Rob, Would you like to stick your fudge hammer in my ass. Oh hell yeah bitch.
by I.B. Noone March 15, 2004
Single handedly the greatest R&B group Ever. There music has inspired millions all over the world. Diggin on you and Spank that Monkey are just 2 of this groups many great hits.
Man that 2 Trump Tight is off the hook my niggaz.
by I.B. Noone March 15, 2004
This is a white person who loves beating up on blacks
Yo nigga I be ready to whoop up on yo punck ass fo shizzle my nizzle
by I.B. Noone March 15, 2004
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