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Man of chivalry and honor, immediately precedent to Don Quixote in the fonetic fon book.
Don Quipunch (pron. don' kee punch, donkey punch) was shocked to learn from urbandictionary.com what his name was a homonym for.
by I. Wagner November 27, 2006
Traditional Scottish Soup whose origins can be traced back to the days of friendship between Scotland and France. (NYT Bread and Soup Cookbook.) Ingredients include one whole chicken, peppercorns, broth, leeks, dried prunes and dried apricots, parsley.
Waitress: Take your order sir?

Man: Bowl a' cock-a-leekie soup.

Waitress: Will you be having Lame Salad with that?

Man: I beg your pardon???
by I. Wagner November 27, 2006
An entity of remarkably poor quality. Laminescence is NOT to be confused with mediocrity. The laminescent person, place, or thing i.e., laminary, causes as much frustration, disgust, and regrets over wasted resources as the satisfaction engendered by Excellence.
Booth: *cluelessly* Well, how did I do?

Trudy: DARLING, you've really distinguished yourself as a true laminary with that piece of work.
by I. Wagner November 27, 2006
An entitity with deficiencies in so many different aspects, its inferiority can be neither hidden nor disguised; hence "dressing on the side."
You can sell Lame Salad to some of the people some of the time, but pity the Independent Sales Rep with a basement full of Lame-Salad-with-Dressing-on-the-Side.
by I. Wagner November 27, 2006
In a debate (or perceived debate) a casual remark that sounds like an insult, and is perceived as one.
Norma: I think we may be getting rain soon.

Betty: Actually, Norma, after analyzing the latest data, including local atmospheric pressure, temperature and cloud characteristics, and the velocity of fronts within a 100 mile radius, I conclude that we will NOT be getting rain soon.

Norma: Well, Betty. It sounds like, when you grow up, you might be quite the mee-tee--a-rol--o--gist.

Betty: Are you calling me FAT?

Norma: ????

Betty: You clearly know nothing about weather, and you try to overcome your ignorance by saying that when I grow up, I'll be a MEATY urologist. Ad hominem attacks have no place in rational discussions.

Norma: No, Betty. Your scientific knowledge actually impresses me. I said you were going to be quite the METEOROLOGIST when you grew up.

Betty: Oh, so I thought it was an ad hominem...

Norma: and it was really only an ad homonym!

(meterologist homonym courtesy of Richard Lederer)
by I. Wagner November 30, 2006
Praise the Lord. The arms in the air, over the head.
Wut's up with all da \0/ 's ? Am I in Christian Chat?
by I. Wagner December 01, 2006
A sausage, first called "Bible Banger" in Antioch c. 50 A.D.
Scottish Atheist: Hoot mon! What are ye havin' for breakfas'?

Baptist: Bible Bangers and Cock-a-Leekie Soup. But I just woke up, and I'll have to be at me Bible for a few minutes first. Bible before Bible Bangers, I always say.

Scottish Atheist: Aye, yer a foookin Bible Banger.

Baptist: Not so! Those ones in yon fryin' pan next to the pot o' Cock-a-Leekie soup is Bible Bangers. Shall I cook one up for ye, Friend Atheist?
by I. Wagner November 27, 2006

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