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3 definitions by I. M. Stias

A woman who is game for it will fuck. You just have to ask.
"Where's your man tonight? He is usually in for a drink about this time."
"You remember he was asking us the other night where he could get a woman?
Well I told him that one next door to us would be game for it so he is round at her place tonight."
by I. M. Stias February 07, 2006
A guy who is looking his hole is someone looking for a fuck
"Where is Joe this evening?"
"Oh. He has gone over to his girlfriend's house.
Her parents are away for the weekend and he is looking his hole."
by I. M. Stias February 07, 2006
DMB is an acronym for Dirty Mucky Bitch
"No. There is no way I would go out with that one. She has been out with all the guys in the town. They all say she is a DMB. Several of them had to go to the hospital for a check after they had been out with her"
by I. M. Stias February 07, 2006