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1. Mopar Block is the single most bad ass motha fuckn piece of raw power ever to exist...forever.

2. Mopar Blocks consist of the engine block of a 413 max wedge or 440 magnum, or 340 small block, Mopar blocks can be any engine block from the chrysler corporation.

3. To have Mopar is to have block.

4.To harness the power of the Mopar Block is equivalent to that of A Chuck Norris round house kick.

5.Used to add extra weight to a rear wheel driven vehicle to maximize traction in the snow.
Two rednecks standin around....
Jethro: Ahhyyeee Jimmy. tell me.. How it is you get such good traction in the snow?!?!?!?!
Jimmy:...I dont know man it must be dis here Mopar Block I got in the Back!!!?
by I-Sack_1200 November 16, 2011
Used to be a great Website until Google took over ownership and now there's nothing but bullshit adds on every video. Terrible page layouts and fagot 11 year olds who think that asking for a subscription will make them an internet sensation in a week.
Man ever since 2009 when the Youtube page layout changed, things started going downhill. Now there's nothing but assholes commenting and messaging me about their gay page that lacks videos. Also these ads make it seem like a year before a video plays.
by I-sack_1200 July 16, 2011
Typically a girl from Milwaukee but can be any girl. The girl proceeds to be eaten out by a guy, but she lays flat on her back and her legs are propped up like you would prop open a car hood. She then lubes her vaginal cavity and the outer rim with Reddi-whip or Crisco or anything white for that matter. She then instantaneously has her period all over the above said lube and the guy about to eat her out fills a red cup, like the ones seen at gay parlors,with the the substance. He then saves it for a rainy afternoon when he has nothing better to do but watch Sleepless In Seattle and listen to Chicago records that he stole from his ex girlfriend.
Man, Last night me and this skanky smelling fat ass bitch from Milwaukee made the meanest Milwaukee Red Cup evveerrrrr. I cant wait to drink it later!
by I-sack_1200 July 07, 2011

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