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to finish the job is to actually cum inside the girl you're having sex w/, and not to use a condom or pull out
finish the job inside your girlfriend, she's on the pill
by I-5 October 04, 2006
In the US, Interstate 5 is unofficially the drug smuggler's highway. A border-to-border route, it connects at it's Northern end with the southern suburbs of Vancouver, BC. From BC, come huge amounts of weed (unofficially, marijuana is the province's largest cash crop). At the route's southern end, it connects with Tijuana, where cocaine finally makes its way into the US after a long journey. In between are LA and San Fran, 2 places where a lot of the world's chemically produeced drugs- meth and extacy, etc- come from.
The Smuggler's Highway cuts through Portland, OR.
by I-5 September 11, 2006
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