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The most amazing girl in the world. She is tall, skinny, and has blonde hair of course. She has the ability to make the best duckface ever, and knows exactly what to say. She is very cutesy in certain ways, but has a wild sides. She doesn't want sex, but prefers humping. She also gets turned on very very easy, and is the best kisser. She doesn't have the biggest boobs, but they please. She also has the nicest most firm butt ever. She doesn't get around much at all, and doesn't date. But if you get the chance to date her you are one lucky man
"Did you see that girl?"-guy 1

"Yeah, that was an E.H broh."- Guy two

"What?"-Guy one

"An Emilee Holmes dumb fuck. means sexiest girl alive"-Guy three

"Oh, yeah. She had the NICEST ass"-Guy one

"Word"-Guy two
by I wish i had an E.H June 04, 2011

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