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A brazilian god with a chiseled body. And when he was born every woman had a orgasm instantaneously.
A person of great style and glamour.
Some one who has great swagger and he is one who rokz.
He is one who turns heads.
and deffinetly is VERY well equiped
You are so Renanrokz right now.
Dam, Renanrokz.
Its true. Renanrokz.
holly shit i wanna be like Renanrokz
If you read this you are on Renanrokz's nuts

slut1 - hey have u seen Renan lately.
slut2- Yeah, he rokz.
slut3- Rokz my P.
Renan- Fook you sluts. NEXT!

Jump off da dick dammit, be more like renanrokz.
by I will not tell YOU December 12, 2006

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