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I can't even beging to tell you all about how fucking Lame this town is. A complete joke in my opinion. Try doing "fair" business here and you will lose. Most only care about how fucking cheap they can get their goods for, quality does not even matter to most of these fucktards around here. I simply am going to create a way OUT for myself and my wife. This place is disloyal, dysfunctional,boring,and fucking lame, stupid, and WAY over rated for sure. The way people here think is SO RIDICULOUS. I have never really fit in here. I try to do right by these fucktards, and they only try to hate me unjustly, and try to trash my reputation for simply caring to do what is right by others. I FUCKING HATE THIS SHITHOLE of Ignorant fools, in which I do NOT belong, that I know for sure...there are WAY too many stooopid wiggers,and fake punk ass wannabe gangbangers that need to run home to their mommies...LOL. and lame ass posers and people who are trying to be something they aren't, because most don't know how to think for themselves here...they are like sleepwalking idiot retarted robots. The youth of this town is fucking lame enough, not to mention the ultra conservative FUCKTARD mentality that the majority of these people seem to live to retain. Once I leave this place I will NEVER return. It does not deserve someone like ME. I make these idiots look bad, because my life is productive and successful and capable. WAY WAY WAY too many people here, can not be happy for the successes of another person, because they are living like walking corpses. This town is a sad joke of a place. The economy is fucking dysfunctional to the core. No decent paying jobs or careers here, just exploitation and SEVERE dysfunctionality. All I Wanna Do Is Get The Fuck Outa Here. They do NOT deserve ME....not that they ever did. The auto body shops and car lots and auto dealers CAN"T be trusted, they are a bunch of fucking greedy pigs and liars and cheats, that is their way. FUCK THEM ALL. I want to burn it all down and piss on the coals. This town can BLOW ME...LOL.
stupidity, fake ass low life people, punk ass posers everywhere, even the spray paint grafitti totally sucks, liars, dysfunction, asshole dick head fucktards all over the fucking place
this town thinks its a city of Greatness, but it is NOT. It is a city of Bullshit people who only know how to get in the way of good people like me. FUCK SPOKANE, it deserves IT. I tell it like it REALLY is and they want to hate me for it.
by I tell it like it is May 26, 2008

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