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Cars that people who are obsessed with their Italian heritage always talk about, but sadly will never have.
Proud Italian American Guy: A Lamborghini Gallardo could smoke a nissan 350Z!!
Me: At least I could afford a 350Z!!
by I special October 23, 2006
a variable cam system developed by honda to help improve fuel economy. Sadly ricers often mistaken this as technology that "magicaly" makes 50+ hp on there 4 banger motors
Ricer: I didn't win because the Vtec didn't kick in!!

Me: STFU Retard! buy a turbo or but a V6 in that thing, you ricers give us REAL Import Tuners a bad name!!
by I special October 23, 2006
A crappy compact made by ford.
hocus focus, now you see, now you see it in your rearview mirror!
by I special October 23, 2006

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