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What you COULD have bought after you flushed all that dough down the toilet putting after-market shit all over a Honda Civic.
Owner of the fastest Civic in the world:" Wow, I could've had a V8!"
Owner of a Corvette: (Could not be reached for comment because the Civic couldn't catch the Vette)
by I smell rice burning! June 04, 2003
The outcome of putting a JC Whitney catalog in the hands of a Burger King fry cook who got his mom's civic when he turned 16. Just because it SOUNDS powerful, doesn't mean it is!
Wait, you mean that big, gay-looking wing, the body kit and 22" wheels add weight to the car and actually slow it down?? Next you're gonna tell me that 4 15" subs and 3 600 watt amps make the car heavier too!
by I smell rice burning! June 04, 2003
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