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1 definition by I skate the 916

A person who thinks they are cool because they follow a certain style, trend, ect.

A person who is a follower but is known to be cool because he or she follows other people and their trends or style. or trying to keep up with current styles and has no personal steez(cant say swagg because thats a hipster word).
EX: 1
Person A: You see these new janoski's man fresh out the box nike sb is so cool!!!

Person B: What does nike sb stand for?

Person A: Um..........

Person B: It stands for nike skateboarding you fucking hipster!!!

EX: 2
Person A: Man don't you just love my new v-neck? i got it just to look better when i dougie gotta stay fresh yo

Person B: I thought you didn't like that type of stuff?

Person A: Well i gotta be cool man its the only way bro

Person B: ....... fucking hipster
by I skate the 916 July 11, 2011
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