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Phrase used by annoying, bitchy and wealthy females.

abbreviation for "I'm Kinda Retarded"
chik: "FAAK this test is hard like my dik"

bitch: "IKR, so last night when I was practicing, I found the answer: Chiks aren't ment to have dicks"
by I should be studying November 10, 2012
what you say after you are told that you said something stupid.
are you gonna skip class tomorrow?
i can't, i have a midterm.
oh yeah, huh. ok.

jim: i don't really think that Rousseau is trying to represent the people in his theory of social contract.
bob: what are you talking about? he's the one who defines the general will!
jim: oh yeah, huh...
by i should be studying March 06, 2005
a better way to say duh.
are you going to class tomorrow?
chea (sarcastic tone), you think im gonna miss the midterm? dumbass.
by i should be studying March 06, 2005

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