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sexual stimulation of especially one's own genital organs by bodily contact apart from sexual intercourse and usually by use of the hand
Bob could never get any "real" sex so he decided that he was going to masturbate instead.
by i r sexy August 26, 2005
A "1337" term meaning "Peenor" which is a penis.
Suck my p33n0r biAtch because i r 1337
by I r sexy December 16, 2004
A "1337" term used to describe "your" or "you are". Used commonly on online games or on other online services.
Bob: "Haha I haxz0rded j00r mom"
Greg: "Real funny... j00r the one thats house is burning down right now!"
Bob: "Omfg j00r a fucking jew"
Greg: "Hahah!"
by I r sexy December 16, 2004
Abbrevation for; "Rolling on floor, laughing my fucking ass off" and somtimes used "Rolling on floor, laughing my fat ass off." It is a mixture of "Rofl" which is "Rolling on floor laughing" and "lmfao" "laughing my fucking/fat ass off."
Bob: "Lmfao I just fucking pwned j00, ROFLMFAO!"

Greg: "Dude, you fucking newb0r, you didn;t fucking pwn anyone but your mom. Dude your gay... hah I just fucking killed you... ROFLMFAO!"
by I r sexy December 16, 2004
An insult to describe somone getting "owned" or "pwned".
1. Bob: "Damn bitch, that break dance was nice, that sucka got SERVED!"
Greg: "I know, I served that hoe"

2. Frank: "Your mom got served"
George: "Dude, your gay, please die."
by I r sexy December 16, 2004
1. When I male inserts a his scrotom into another female or males mouth without them knowing about it.
I t-bagged my friend while he was sleeping.
by I r sexy December 16, 2004
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