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I do not like teenies. They think that they are cool because they listen to Good Charlotte and people like that. This makes most people think that anyone who listens to GoodCharlotte is a teeny. This however is not true. I am a true GoodCharlotte fan and I hate that teenies spoil GC's repretation. I owe my life to Good Charlotte as they convinced me not to commit suicide. I am glad that I am here today to defend their reputation from teenies. Please do not think that Good Charlotte is a teeny band that encourages teenyboppers, this is not true, they are wonderful people who are being given a bad reputation because of all the teenies out there.
"she likes GoodCharlotte, she must be a teeny!
-this is WRONG

"She likes GoodCharlotte just because of their looks and popularity, she must be a teenie"
-this is TRUE

Make sure that you can tell the difference between a teeny and a tue fan.

by I owe my life to GoodCharlotte December 14, 2004
there is nothing wrong with goths like me who just wear a lot of black and are depressed. I hate that a lot of people say that no one has a real reason for being depressed. I think that this is not a nice thing to do because they do not know what is going on in the life of that person, saying that they have no reason to be depressed may be hurting their feelings.

I think that most goths are ok apart from the ones who think they are cool just because they intimidate others. I do not think that walking around wearing black lipstick makes you cool. I have nothing against those who have a strong reason to be depressed as I do, but I do not like people who enjoy hating others.

I would also like to mension that this website is stupid, it is inviting people to insult others. Why can everyone not just accept what other people think. I hate anyone who thinks that they're opinion is always right and that they are better then everyone else.

This is my opinion and I am not going to force anyone to agree with me but I just felt that the way people treat others on this site is wrong and that your should think twice about what you write before you end up hurting someones feelings.

Ps: I am not a teeny, or some soppy kid who wants everyone to love each other, I just know the effect things like this can have on other people.
"I dress in black but this does not make me a goth"

"You wear black lipstick and a dog collar but this does not make you cool or give you a right to instult others"
by I owe my life to GoodCharlotte December 14, 2004
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