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When a male slaps somebody with his genitles. This can be played in slow motion for extra enjoyment. This is usually don't when a person is sleeping or passed out.
Hey did you see on Big Brother when John and Ashlee slaped carmilla with their cocks, that was a chronic turky slap, they nearly knocked her out cold?

I am gona turky slap Mr Jesburg today, he is so gay
by I love meat! July 18, 2006
A vagina with a variety of ingredients.
Cum: mayonnaise
Pun Cheese: Cheese
Blood: Period or blood from a huge cock

A smelly foul smelling discharge may come from a meat burger during fornication, This is due to the fact that a meat burger in most cases has never been washed.
Oi Sarah give us a bite of you Meat Burger, BITCH!
by I love meat! July 18, 2006

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