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3 definitions by I live in Ohio

To use two condoms instead of one while fucking. Although this sounds twice as good, it causes friction.
Dayumm woman, I ain't need to doublebag with you, it's goin in your mouth.
by I live in Ohio June 22, 2006
This is when psuedocylomates (certain worms) use their "hooks" to have sex. This is a very effective and fun way to reproduce.
Hey dude did u see Jane and Erica hooking up. Yea dude it was sexy as hell.
by I live in Ohio June 23, 2006
to make super conservative; to lame-ify the unlamable.
-Do you wanna go out and get some ass for free from your girlfriend?
-No, I have a 12 point check list I need to accomplish it. Sorry I have to farris guys.
by I live in Ohio June 21, 2006