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Awesomeness. A great game series (at least Grand Theft Auto III and on) in which you can do whatever you want. Complete freedom. Jack a car/truck/van/motorbike/what the hell ever on the streets. Pick up hookers for health, then kill them for your cash back. Shoot pedestrians and police officers, eventually getting chased by police cars, helicopters, the SWAT team, FBI agents and even the military. The only bad thing about this game series are the twelve year old kids that play it in an attempt to look cool in front of their friends. Those kids need to die. Anyway, if you don't have Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas, end your life and jump off a tall building. Rockstar = God. Kthxbai.
Grand Theft Auto owns my life.
by I like stuff March 23, 2005
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