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4 definitions by I know!

A rip-cord powered spinning to, which has established a place in the market as a hip new toy by means of an incomprehensable cartoon.
I used to like pokemon so much I had to buld an extention to my house to keep the merchandise in, but no I don't like that anymore, coz' Batblad is cewl!
by I know! February 10, 2004
The art of fishing for information, while leaving the person being fished thinking that you gave _them_ the information.

As used by phony TV "psychics"
I used to think John edwards was Psychic, but no I realise that he was cold reading all along.
by I know! February 08, 2004
he who predorms <word>cold reading</word>
John Edwards is a very good cold reader.
by I know! February 08, 2004
any unknown gooey substance that you would rather not be there
ewww, there's clink on the desk
by I know! February 10, 2004