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a stupid organization that wants to get rid of rock. they have only targeted the used and my chemical romance so far. like i dont get it cuz why dont they go after something worse like rap/hip-hop which is all about insulting girls and sex and drugs and violence. if you ever actually listened to mcr or the used they are pretty good. besides what about our rights. the freedom of speech? huh? and i dont get it why dont they really try to get rid of something that is killing innocent people, like uh smoking for example. you dont have to listen to them if you dont want but you dont have to take them away from us. if you dont want your kids listening to them then take away the cd but w/e cuz mcr are good role models who are against racism, sexism, and homophobia. i just dont get it but w/e. besides that you are taking away from the economy b/c their records bring business to record stores and companies and this is these peoples jobs. they have worked hard. well it doesnt really matter what mahr does couse they cant do get rid of rock just like christians(no offense, im a christian too, im just saying its impossible) cant get rid of all the evil in the world or convert everyone to christianity, its the same concept. besides people are gonna listen to what they want no matter what you do and just b/c you think they are scary looking well maybe you need to get past that and listen to what they have to say. like gerard says in 'thank you for the venom' "it aint the mark or the scar that makes you one" i think that songs very well depicts the situation even though its about religion i think yo ushould listen to it

....You're running after something
That you'll never kill
......You wanna follow something
Give me a better cause to lead
Just give me what I need
Give me a reason to believe....
Mothers Against Hard Rock is gay so i say Hard Rockers Against Mothers anyone?
by I heart mcr August 17, 2005

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