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Dinosaurs were huge, so a dinowhore is a giant, dinosaur-sized whore.
Wow, that shirt is skin tight. What a dinowhore.
by I heart chocolate flakes! March 15, 2009
An unfortunate condition where a person tends to pick out the most expensive item available. If they are given a choice of ten different items, they could pick an item with their eyes closed and it would still be the most expensive item.
My friend has Expensive Shopper Syndrome. I showed her ten different shirts and she chose the $200 one without even looking!
by I heart chocolate flakes! February 02, 2009
The theory that, even if you can't afford dental care and meals for your kids, you can still afford sixty inch flat screens and brand new cars. Usually associated with wearing Nascar shirts and pajama pants in public.
Steve: How do they afford such nice things?

Kenzi: It's simple. They live by the Stonehocker Theory.
by I heart chocolate flakes! March 25, 2009
The act where people buy what they think is a valuable antique, find out it is worthless, then try to make it look valuable, usually involving copper and stain.
I went to the antique shop yesterday and bought this old looking dresser. I found out it was worthless so I was antweaking it with stain and sold it for $60.
by I heart chocolate flakes! February 28, 2009

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