1 definition by I hate these skateboarder motherfuckers!!!

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Assholes that hangs around stores dressed in clothes so shitty I think they soak it in the toilet before wearing it, and vandalise shit so that other kid, including so called wiggers (word I think to be offensive for hip-hop kids, but mainly for black people) get a fucking cold welcome in fucking stores because the assholes that got there before them tryied everything but didn't bought nothing. Just try buying a gold ring with your pants down your butt and a long t-shirt. Fucking ''funny'' how the salesperson anwser you, isn't it? Everytime I see shit like that, I think ''stupid ass cunts'' (no offense to women). And there probalby all gay (no offense to gays, just a way to describe them) and need to be ten to one to even have a small chance of scaring somebody with their 90 pounds of shit and their brown t-shirt. Of course, there are still real skateboarder, doing that sport for fun, not for fame and ''style''. And also, it's also the fault of these ''wiggers'' (the ones that run around sayin' thing like ''foe shizzle my nizzle''). I wear hip hop clothes, but I don't say the N-word (with or without black people in the room) and I understand that I'm white (something that seems hard to understand for some crazy assholes). One lat thing, it's usualy not hip-hop kids who dis skateboarder, it's normaly the other way around at the start. We just respond.

Ok, enough dissing these bitches, better go study, a thing skateboarders usualy don't do, as they all fail in school and shit.
These pink and brown wearing assholes took my money!!! Get him officers!
Hurry up, the chief will give us a bonus, he's a skateboarder!

The world like it should be.

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