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When spoken by a white person, is the easiest way to determine whether someone is from the South.
Guy: Hey, hows it going?

Girl: Pretty good. You?

Guy : I'm great! So... where are you from?

Girl: Hold on, lets go inside. The Niggers like to come out at dusk.

Guy :... So... Texas then.
by I hate bullshit May 01, 2011
Feminazis are distinctly different from Feminists. The former are reasonable people campaigning for issues which need to be addressed. The latter are rabid misandrists who believe anyone with a penis deserves to be strung up by it. They are apparently against sexism, but have become so aggressive with their views that they've become about as bad as the people they condemn. Some people will condemn this term, saying that it is a term of the media to discredit Feminism, which may have some truth to it, but the people referred to here are those who spout slogans like, but not limited to, "Men: Do we REALLY Need Them?" and "Death to Dicks". Feminazis are people who give you the evil eye if you should say 'mankind' instead of humanity, 'Father-Christmas' instead of Santa Claus, or fail to say he/she in ever sentence. The term can roughly be equated with taking ones' index finger, pointing it to ones' temple and slowly turning the tip of said finger in circles while mouthing 'whoa' to a nearby friend. Such a course of action is not recommended however.
Example 1

Normal Guy: So I said to him, look--

Feminazi: I resent that! Why are male pronouns the default everyone uses? But I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see this coming from a MAN.

Normal Guy:... but the person I'm referring to is a man.

Person talking to normal guy: *swirling finger in circles* Whoaaaaa.....

Example 2

Feminazi: Our society has put up with men for too long! Why should they have all the rights when women are clearly better?

Guy: Wait, isn't this a little hypocritical? You claim to be against sexism, but you're actually way more sexist than the average American male.


Guy: Well, you're certainly equal to those evil men you're condemning. Equal in crazy that is.

Example 3

British Kid: I can't wait to tell Father Christmas what I want this year!

Feminazi: That's SANTA CLAUS. The only reason you say 'father' is because this unjust society continues to put down--

British Kid: Oh, sod off you old bag!
by I hate bullshit May 01, 2011

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