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Finnish cello metal band with four cello players and a drumer.
They started by doing Mettalica covers.
They invited many known people to sing their song like Ville Valo (HIM), Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace), Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) and many more.
Anyway, they are just awesome :)
"Path", "Somewhere around nothin", "I don't care", "Life Burns", "Bittersweet", "I'm not Jesus" are a some os their best songs ^^
"Man, Apocalyptica rules!"
by I don't know -.-' April 09, 2009
Amazing Finnish trash metal band.
Max Lilja from Apocalyptica plays now cello in Hevein.

Good songs: Iota, Last drop of innocence and Only human are my favourite :)
"Hevein songs are amazing"
by I don't know -.-' April 09, 2009
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