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Hailing from (what could only be) the extremely deep, redneck infested, child raping, hillbilly killing, gun-toting, wife beating south, is ENDWORLD. Together, xMarkx (vocals), xLouiex (guitar), xDavidx (guitar), xBeaux (bass) and xTrentx (drum) seamlessly blend together the pure arrogance of straight edge culture with the worlds worst music and, rather than make an actual contribution to the Australian music scene, have simply become a prime example of why inbreeding has been classed as illegal. Jam-packed with a great compilation of down tempo riffs, stolen straight from Minor Threat and other shitty hardcore bands, ENDWORLD is all the push you’ll need to put a gun to your head and shoot yourself with a large calibre bullet and furthermore, all it takes to push that one suicidal girl in class over the edge.
So, listen to ENDWORLD if you also enjoy:

- Hardcore edge versions of Chavs, Lads, bogans and or scum

- Pure arrogance and over self confidence

- Being angry all the time for no good reason

- Starting fights with people because they look at you

- “Hardcore Dancing” like a complete fuckwit in a room with the only 5 other fans (friends) of the band playing

- Getting X’s tattooed on your ugly, bald arse, Dr. Evil style head

- Generally hating on everyone and everything

- Looking like everyone else by wearing baggy white shirts with Blink182-style cargo pants and flat brimmed hats
by I contribute to society May 03, 2011
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