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A phrase a white person says right after they had just lost their because a person of a different race is willing to work for much cheaper.
Whitey: I lost my job to that fag Mexican

Whitey #2: They took ye'r joorb.

Whitey #3:Te'kk er jerbs! ><

Whitey #4: ?? jerbzz!
by I care May 19, 2005
A word used in the Star wars universe to soothe a woman who is about to have a baby.
Nanny Droid: MMMMba MMMMMMMba
by I Care July 11, 2005
A game that sucks ass and is not fun. Only fun to people with nothing to do and no life.
Are you done playing WOW yet.....(32 hours later) you still playing? For the love of God....
by I care March 30, 2005
A great wonderful city. filled with great and cool people. It also means a "Whales Vagina" in German. True fact! San Diego is nothing like a whales vagina though. It is slightly better.
German Captain: Vat eva shall ve call sees vondaba place.

German Explorer: Look! A vales vagina!

German Captain: Thats it!
by I Care June 22, 2005

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