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The most majestic being ever created by God. It was born in southern china and eats the souls over evildoers. And everything else as well. Basically if you go near it, you have been eaten. Only one man can ever tame this beast. A man with the I initials JV. He is the most glorious man ever birthed. Women cry at the sight of him and men want to be him. One day he will ride this majestic beast into the sunset with his forty foot tall rubber ducky Renaldo at his side. When this day cums. The world will be at peace. For the most gracious thing in the world has just happened.
When JV rides the chinese fire kitten into the sunset, all wars will end.
by I am the chosen one October 09, 2013
A flaming person is one that becomes fascinated with religion, sports, school, etc...and is very vocal about it. Sharing new facts and ideas with anyone who is willing to listen. Constantly referencing different things.
She was a flaming Christian. She would quote from the bible on the regular and say "Praise the Lord."
by I Am The Chosen One December 09, 2009
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