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n, v, adj, adv, int

Origin: Spanglish, bastardized version of "dumpster"

n: Something/somebody incredibly crappy*, like if they were to ask you on a date, you would dump them before they even finish asking.

v: To do something really crappy

adj: Describing something really crappy
adv: To do something crappily
int: Used to express dissatisfaction or disgust regarding something.

It's pretty much the universal negative descriptor when profanity isn't acceptable and "crappy" and "cruddy" don't cut it anymore.

*crappy being a gross understatement, here
n: You liked your own Facebook status? You are such a dumpers!

v: Way to dumpers the whole day by landing us in detention!

adj: Look at this mess! This place is such a dumpers!

adv: He was cleaning up so dumpers that he made it even dirtier!

int: Did you see her new legwarmers?!?!?! DUMPERS!
by I am not dumpers March 03, 2011

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