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I am not sure what this means but Please I would like too....Difine this word!
kind of said like hippopodamous
by I am cool November 24, 2003
people who did/do go to the coolest school ever: Grace Church School. Known for their intelligence, coolness, hot girls, and pathetic guys.
"She's so smart, pretty, and popular. I wish I could be just like her.
by i am cool May 06, 2005
a total hottie, generally used when spotting hot guys with friends.
"Did you see that guy, a total fcuk. I thought I was going to have an orgasm just by staring at him."
by i am cool May 06, 2005
Hillary look at Gunt
OMG look at that Hipple oh wait its just Hillary!
by I am cool November 24, 2003

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