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Unofficially the second most populous city in Connecticut (soon to be confirmed by census results). A great city that has driven economic growth and population expansion primarily through its focus on the finance and film industries. While commended nationally for its low crime rate, Stamford also serves as the unofficial PCP capital of Connecticut. The illicit substance's use has been prominent in low income areas of the city since the 1990's. However, in recent years the commonality of its use has rivaled that of marijuana. The issue has only recently come to light due to multiple high profile crimes committed by persons under the influence of this substance. These crimes included multiple intentional vehicular assaults targeting civilians and police officers as well as the shooting in the face of a police officer by an individual under the influence of PCP. In essence, the abuse of this substance has proliferated virtually unrecognized for nearly two decades and has only come to light recently due to high profile crimes involving the drug. Nonetheless, Stamford remains the safest large city in Connecticut despite the rampant PCP use that underlies its successes.
Tim: Dude, I wanna get fucked up tonight.

Scott: Awesome, lets get gram of coke and a bottle of liquor.

Tim: No... I wanna get so fucked up, I wake up tomorrow morning walking the streets naked covered in blood.

Scott: Ohhhh, I get it.... Then lets go to Stamford to buy a bag of wet then. I know a shit load of guys who sell it there. They all keep it in their freezers next to their frozen waffles.
by I am Rumple Foreskin December 19, 2010

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