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Now im assuming you know the basics of this show, so im countering hate definitions with a few simple facts.
1:if you hate most anime/maga, thats fine.no need to crudely define a show and waste your time when you could be doing something you like. if you do hate japanese cartoons, this aint for you.
2:I will admit, this show is overly complicated, and filled with filler(crap made to prolong a series, until good shit is written to follow after it.)simply skip it if you dont like filler. All those overly charged attacks, the twenty episode scream marathons....are filler. Okay?
3:The plot is confusing as hell, unless you tune in from episode 1, to episode 300. most is filler. but dont hate on its length. most shows like south park, the simpsons, and a few others run longer. watch what you like, and stop watching at whatever season you hate. For me, it was the buu saga.but i dont bitch about it because its an opinion.
4:the audience age range does vary greatly. this show has been broadcasted from over the top blood and guts violence, to little scratches with no blood. if you make fun of its audience, please dont forget us "old geeks"
Guy 1: hey man, dragon ball z sucks cause it has long attacks that last forever, a repetitive story, it makes no sense, and my shows are way better. its a little kid show.
Guy 2:filler,most of us fans started watching when we were kids, and moved on to violent cuts today, most storylines are repetitive, life, fight, betrayal, death, fuck off.
Guy 1: wtf, im going on Urban dictionary to post a hate post, cuz YOU have no life.
GUy 2:go ahead waste your time.
by I am Nerd, hear me roar April 05, 2011

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