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School; the place loved by those who:

1. Watch too many soap operas.
2. Are thick but muster high grades.
3. Are thick
4. Gradeworms - persons who believe the be all and end all of life is to become a doctor/lawyer.

Hated by those who:

1. Possess natural intelligence.
2. Struggle socially
3. Struggle mentally
4. Persons who dislike the small freedoms provided by school.
5. Wiggers
After 13 years of school, the gradeworm who had an IQ of a camel went to study law.

After 13 years of school, John followed his passions and became an electrician.

After 9 years of school, the wigger and his homie doggs became muggers.
by I am Dog August 01, 2005
Persons who lack natural intelligence that believe the be all and end all of life is to become a doctor/lawyer.
After the gradeworm failed to get straight A+s, his mother bashed him for 9 hours with a saucepan.
by I am Dog August 01, 2005
An individual that cannot invent his own phrases or come-backs and has to resort to quoting everyone else... again and again and again.
Guy: "Dude you're such a fag"

Nastor: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

Dude: "Fag..."
by i am dog August 21, 2005
The most evolved form of a wigger.
Juvenile deinquent ----> Wigger -----> Teenage Father ---> Mugger
by I am Dog September 04, 2005
1) A club addict.

2) Someone that goes to the club wearing FuBu clothes and platted hair and looks like a monkey.

3) An individual that arrives at the club stoned.
Lil John and his east side boys are club monkeys.
by I am Dog August 14, 2005
The reason Australia has the second highest child obesity rate.

Queenslanders need to stop eating and start working.
If you're living in queensland, are under the age of 18 and slim. You're a liar.
by I am Dog October 01, 2005
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