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The censored and appropriate version of the term: Bull shit. It's mainly used around authority figures and people who are sensitive to vulgar language.
Hey nigga, cut the Bull Shit.

Translates to

Hello my friend of African descent, could you cease and desist of that Boo Schwa?
by I a n W February 06, 2009
The warnings given to you by your anus telling you that a shit is coming. Signs are subtle at first but eventually increase in volume and odor until you finally sit down on that toilet. Pre-Poo commonly occurs after a hard night of partying and drinking extensive amounts of beer and more often than most occurs in uncomfortable places like theme parks, business meetings, in school, and your girlfriends house. Pre-Poo, if not treated, will only get worse. Advanced stages can result in immense pain truly terrible smells.
"Dude is Drew o.k? He's clutching his stomach."

"Man that nigga got some bad Pre-Poo goin on. He need to hit up dat toilet soon, or it's gonna be bad."


"Hey dude how was last night?"

"My God I had Pre-Poo so bad that when I left her house I let it out as i was getting in my car, practically shit myself."


"I drank so much beer last night. The Pre-Poo hit me when my man bear of a dad gave me a hug for graduating highschool in the morning."
by I a n W August 31, 2009

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