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does not exist. anymore.why?
becasue bands like the casualities and cheap sex....spit on it, then stepped in it, rolled it in the mud, and crushed it with their enormous cocks.
good bands that i respect.....crass...yeah. thats about it. and thats only because they agree with my philosophy. PUNK IS DEAD.
punx unite.i fucking hate that song.and that other chick was right.they butchered sham 69 by recreating their new version of if the kids are united.cheap sex sings the song fuck emo.when they generalize that emo is about emotional faggots.but in reality true punks did not "judge before listening"emo was actually a sub-diveritive of punk rock.
fuck you cheap sex fag listening bitches.
by I USED TO BE LIKE YOU!!!! December 21, 2007

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