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The name given to a Jesuit High School located in New York City, borough of Manhattan.
In short it is known as HELL ON EARTH.
No words can describe this filthy drug infested pothole called a "school"
Teachers and staff- Utterly useless at handling students, inept, uneducated and brainwashed, uncaring, egotistic, condescending, in short dipshits of the highest order .
Students- evil because of the way the school shaped them. Freshmen enter hopeful turned into pros at cheating on homework and tests, fighting, doing weed and smoking cigs, talking behind each others backs, and sluts.
Administration: NOT A MORAL SCHOOL DESPITE BEING " Jesuit school"
Drugs, sex, alcohol, cigs immorality runs rampant in a so called clean catholic high school. Teachers don't care and the school only wants your money charging an absurd amount for and education that teaches ABSOLUTELY NOTHING besides making you feel worthless.

Loyola School Student: I go to a drug infested, flithy, crime ridden, cheating, money stealing, ass wipe filled high school
Parent: cool, i'lle send my kids there to recieve the wonderful "men and women for others education"
by I TELL THE TRUTH AS IT IS December 22, 2008

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