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After hearing a sentence, to note a word or phrase in it and change it (Or just look at it in a different way) to make it more disgusting/immature/, usually used in what would normally be a perfectly normal sentence and completely random and without warning. Often followed by everyone around the "Janosifier" groaning or sighing.
GIRL - "Yasy, it's Thursday tomorrow!"

BOY - "My name for Thursdays are Rape Days!" :D


GIRL - "You just had to fucking Janosify it again, didn't you"
by I Sit Next To You In English December 10, 2010
A relgion based around Fuck It. You don't need to go to a holy place of worship, or to pray, you just need to Fuck It. The "Feckers" follow the word of The Big Fucker In The Sky, who doesn't need to take the shit of anything. He just Fucks It.
John started following Fuckianity the other day. His exams? Fucks it. Work? Fucks it. He even manages to Fuck life itself.
by I Sit Next To You In English January 30, 2011
(1) To mould/become mouldy or to waste away

(2) Just a generally awesome word, to use in generally awesome sentence or just as an outburst because of it's awesomeness.
(1) "Go and fust in the corner"

(2) "Fust. How awesome"
by I Sit Next To You In English December 28, 2010

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